December 20, 2006

For Nancy

'TIS past: dear venerable shade, farewel!
Thy blameless life thy peaceful death shall tell.
Clear to the last thy setting orb has run;
Pure, bright, and healthy like a frosty sun:

extraction from "On the Death of Mrs. Jennings." by Anna Lætitia Barbauld (1743 - 1825)

December 08, 2006

Damn technology

So, my laptop crashed with all of my pictures and music on it. Now, it is at the computer hospital with the Geek Squad doctors, in the middle of an attempted data recovery surgery that might not work (so I've been told).

All of my pictures from Vegas are on it. All of them. Damn it.

But, other than that, things are moving...

I've gotten a director for my latest script. Stan Dragoti, who directed Love at First Bite, The Man with One Red Shoe, and Mr. Mom, among other films, has taken on the challenge of working with me and my writer's ego, lol.

We are currently working on the second draft of the script and should have everything completed by the end of December.

Actor Patrick Warburton (Puddy on Seinfeld and the voice of Brock Samson on Adult Swim's The Veture Bros.) - whom we'd love to play the lead role - has read the script and his manager
says he's excited about it so, I hope that works out, too.

Check out the myspace pages I have for the company and the film:

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