June 17, 2013

A Thought on Patriotism

     If a permanent peace of the world is ever to be achieved; if mankind is really to rise above the mediocre standards which it has been satisfied with for more than two thousand years; we must bring patriotism down off the pedestal from which some have placed it and humbly offer it as a foundation-stone for larger ideas - something to be built upon rather than an idol to be worshiped.  
     It is as a United States that we led the world in invention, in industry and in the council of freedom. We can have that again.
     If the nation is to fully recover, thrive and reach beyond the circumscribed aims of mere patriotism, we had better get to work. Because it has, for too long, been an unworked-up theme awaiting the attention of idealists.


  1. In my view, patriotism should only be tolerated in the most benign situations like supporting your nation's athletes during the Olympic games. Otherwise it can be harmful. What should replace patriotism is a zeal for the truth and justice. What serves humanity best also serves one's nation best.